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Master plan

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           Phu Yen is a province in South Central Coast Region of Viet Nam, 1,160 Km from Ha Noi in the North, and 561 Km from Ho Chi Minh along the National 1A. Its natural area is 5,045 km², and the length of coast is 189km.

          Recently, there are Tuy Hoa Airport, Vung Ro sea port, Railroad Stations of Phu Hiep and Dong Tac, North-South railroad and National roads 1A and 29 in the province.

Phu Yen Province has the diversified natural landscape with mountains, highlands, plain, rivers, lagoons, gulfs and islands…Some tourist typical attractions such as Da Dia reef, O Loan lagoon, Da Bia Mountain, Xuan Dai Gulf, Mon beach and Dien lighthouse.

South Phu Yen Economic Zone and some Industrial Zones are in Phu Yen Province.

          South Phu Yen Economic Zone, a key economic zone in South Phu Yen and North Khanh Hoa, is a General Economic Zone with a modern urban infrastructure bringing the breakthrough development for Phu Yen province, as a driving force developing the South Central Coast; the sea gate of the Highlands and Southern Laos provinces, as well as northeastern Cambodia and Thailand, the International Trade Center attracting investment in all fields of sea ports and port services, high technology industries, trade and tourism, urban areas with adequate social and technical infrastructure.

             With the natural area of approximately 20,730 hectares, located on area of Tuy Hoa City and Dong Hoa District- Phu Yen province, stretching from Da River to the south of Vung Ro Port, bordering the East Sea on the East, North-South Expressway on the West, Van Ninh district - Khanh Hoa province on the South, and Da River on the North, The South Phu Yen Economic Zone has convenient site to exchange, associate, integrate, directly with the economic development regions in the Country and worldwide.

            There are many favorable policies to support investors such as investment in the construction of essential infrastructure, supporting the training of high quality labor through universities, colleges, intermediate vocational training schools in the Province, planning the construction of apartments for workers, promotion, and introduction for enterprises... Especially the "one door policy" and " one door intercommunication" has been implemented, under which the Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority is the main agency settling all procedures and documents relating to investment projects in South Phu Yen economic Zone, this policy will shorten the time as much as possible and save the cost for Investors.

          Preferential policies: Implementing preferential policies according to the Decision No.2159/2008/QD-UBND dated Dec 24, 2008 of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee and the preferences of the Central Government as the specific cases...


Download this file (Decision No1712 _2009_Master planing contruction of south Phu Yen economic zone.doc)Decision No1712 _2009_Master planing contruction of south Phu Yen economic zone[Decision No1712 _2009_Master planing contruction of south Phu Yen economic zone]61 kB


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