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The groundbreaking ceremony Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga main route

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The groundbreaking ceremony Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga main route

On the morning of 14thNov,2015, Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority held a groundbreaking ceremony of construction investment project Phuoc Tan- Bai Nga main route (route via Vung Ro oil refinery), Hoa Tam commune Dong Hoa district. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Huynh Tan Viet - Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People's Council; Mr. Luong Minh Son - Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee; Hoang Van Tra- Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Pham Dinh Cu - Chairman of the provincial People's Committee; Le Van Truc - Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, the leaders of the provincial Party Committee, People's Council of the province, the provincial People's Committees through the period and leaders of departments, branches and localities in the province.

Ảnh lễ khởi công

The leaders performed rituals starting a project - Photo:Phu Yen Economic zone Autority

Phuoc Tan- Bai Nga main route project, route via Vung Ro oil refinery has a total length of 3,835,4 meters, including 2 sections of the roadbed width of 12 meters and 57 meters, with two bridges on the route include overpass the route connecting of Bai Goc port - The Vung Ro oil refinery and flood drainage canal overpass. Total investment in the project is 489 billions, of which the central budget for investment in the economic zone is 440 billions, the rest is local budget and other funding sources, by Phu Yen economic zone authority as an investor. Construction 568 Joint Stock Company will build, time from now until 2017.              

The construction of Route Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga towards north - south above, combined Phu Khe - Phuoc Tan route towards east - west was started (by Phu Yen Department of Transportation as an investor), is to ensure timely service construction progress Vung Ro oil refinery in particular and contribute to improving transport infrastructure essential for projects serving other important investment in the future of the South Phu Yen economic zone in general.                                         

anh kc2

   The leaders participated in the groundbreaking ceremony - Photo: Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority

At the ceremony, Le Van Truc - Permanent Vice Chairman of the Phu Yen provincial People's Committee has directed investor requirements and coordinate with relevant agencies and localities to promptly solve the problems in the process implementation and together with construction units to focus all resources for construction labor safety, environmental hygiene, satisfactory quality and schedule was approved by the Phu Yen provincial People's Committee. /.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          T.HUYEN               


8 coastal economic zones is to invest the period 2016-2020

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8 coastal economic zones is to invest the period 2016-2020
Anh 2
Prime Minister agreed selected eight groups of coastal economic zones to focus development investment from state budget for the period 2016 to 2020.
Specifically, the group of eight economic zones in the group include: Chu Lai Economic Zone (Quang Nam province) - Dung Quat (Quang Ngai province); Dinh Vu Economic Zone-Cat Hai (Hai Phong City); Nghi Son Economic Zone (Thanh Hoa province); Phu Quoc Economic Zone (Kien Giang province); Vung Ang Economic Zone (Ha Tinh province);South Phu Yen Economic Zone (Phu Yen province); Van Don Economic Zone (Quang Ninh province); Dinh An Economic Zone (Tra Vinh province).

The Prime Minister requested be assigned to eight groups invested economic zones of coastal focus above minimum 70% of total capital investment support from the central budget in the annual plan and 5 years 2016 to 2020 for coastal economic zones.
In the period 2016 to 2017 which focused investment and development from the state budget to basically complete the construction of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure of the economic importance to meet the requirements of the dynamics of investment projects, large scale for five economic zones of coastal group key has been selected for the period 2013 to 2015.
Period 2018 to 2020, focused investments in economic zones of coastal newly added focus in the period 2016 to 2020 include South Phu Yen economic zone (Phu Yen province), Van Don economic zone (Quang Ninh province) and Dinh An economic zone (Tra Vinh province).
Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment shall coordinate with the Ministry of Finance building plans on central budget according to annual plans and five years from 2016 to 2020 for the coastal economic zones, adhere to the principle focus for the group's key economic zones are selected; chaired develop mechanisms to mobilize capital, incentives, incentives, investment diversification economic development of coastal areas from economic sectors.
The Ministry of Planning and Investment to act as the main monitoring and implementation process focusing development investment from the state budget for the period 2016 to 2020 the coastal economic zones selected key, report to the Prime Minister of the problems arising in the implementation process. In quarter 3/2018, conducted a preliminary review of the implementation and reporting to the Prime Minister.
The ministries, central sectors of research, build mechanisms and policies under management sector industries consistent with the law on economic area, while towards the coastal economic zone development-oriented areas of strengths, the maximum exploitation of the economic advantages.
The Prime Minister asked the People's Committee, the economic zone authority of the provinces and cities directly under the Central Government adheres to the principle focus of investment to develop the coastal economic zone key has been selected; use of central budget funds allocated strictly according to regulations, to ensure the progress of disbursement and construction.
At the same time proactively allocate local budgets and mobilize other lawful sources outside the state budget for investment in infrastructure development of coastal economic zones.
Besides promoting the role of local initiative, develop mechanisms for assignment and coordinate uniform, efficient management of state economic zone functions and tasks assigned, authorized under provisions of law./.                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                          T. HUYEN.

Groundbreaking ceremony Vung ro refinery and petrochemical project in Vietnam's second largest

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In the morning of 9/9at Bai Goc portHoa Tam communeDong Hoa districtVung ro refinery and petrochemical projectby the Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd,Co. as an investorofficially the groundbreaking

 thong 1

The leaders of the groundbreaking ceremonyVung ro refinery and petrochemical project

Ceremony were Mr. Dao Tan Loc, Member of the Party Central CommitteeParty SecretaryHead of Delegation of Provincial ParliamentHuynh Tan VietDeputy Permanent Secretary of the Party CommitteePeople's Council ChairmanPham Dinh CuDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's CommitteeHoang Van TraDeputy Secretary of Party Committee; Luong Mong Sanh, Chairman of Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front provincescomrades of the Provincial Standing Committeethe Permanent People's Council, Provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, a former provincial leader, Vietnam-Russia  Friendship Associationand leaders of departments, agencies, unions and 9 districts, towns and cities …. On the investor side with Mr. Kirill KorolevCEO of Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd,co. and contractors involved in the project clearance.

 thong 2

Words of the covenant

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremonyMr. Le Van Truc Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee stressedso today's result is due to the interest and preferences of the Governmentthe Prime Minister,the efforts of investors and relevant agencies, including the Party, government and people of Dong Hoa districtVung Ro petrochemical refinery,the industrial production of large-scale advanced technologymodern in the worldis expected to go into operation in 2017, creating "pushingimportant to promote socio-economic development of the province Phu YenTo accelerate the start of the project, next time, the Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd. to focus and coordinate closely with authorities to urgently complete the procedures for construction investment and policies prescribed by the law of VietnamTo direct and supervise the contractor to accelerate the execution of work items according to the planThe departments functioning of provincial and local stakeholder coordinationtimely handling of problems arisingcreating favorable conditions to help investors ensure construction progress and security themselves in the fieldIn particularDong Hoa district to focus on directing definitively settle the existing problems in the compensation, support, resettlementensure hand over the project land to investors in 9/2014so investors timely deployment of the next step.

 thong 3

Mr. Le Van Truc, Member of Provincial Standing CommitteeVice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee

Groundbreaking ceremonyVung ro refinery and petrochemical project is a crucial step to start construction of the plant is expected in the first quarter in 2015came into operation in 2017marked an important milestone in the implementation of key projects construction of the South Phu Yen Economic Zone.

Vung ro refinery and petrochemical project (located in Tam Hoa Industrial ZoneDong Hoa district1.080ha widewas built on an area of ​​534haof which 404ha area factoriesBai Goc port 134ha use from 500ha to 1.300ha to sea surfaceVung ro refinery and petrochemical plant with a capacity of 8 million tons / yearthe total investment of nearly $ 3.2 billion in foreign direct and tax incentivesimport tax productscreate stable jobs for more than 1,300 workers in Phu Yen province and the South Central region (at peak times, the number of workers at the plant can be up to 15,000 to 17,000 people), contribution to the State budget of about 111 million USD / year.

The goal of the project is the processing and distribution of petrochemical products; import and export of crude oil and petroleum products, petrochemicals; transportation and storage of crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and trading ports and warehouses. The main products includes the RON 92-487000 tons / year, RON 95-1559000 tons / year, 325,000 tonnes of jet fuel / year, diesel 2,295,000 tons / year, 90,000 tonnes of LPG / year

Unit design, supply of equipment and technology, plant construction (EPC) is a company JGC (Japan), headed by The EPC contractor of the project Complex Nghi Son petrochemical refineryThanh Hoa . This is the largest project of Phu Yen province so farand is one of 3 petrochemical refinery project in Vietnam today (Nghi Son (Thanh Hoa) petrochemical refinery projectcapacity of 10 million tons / year, Dung Quoc (Quang Ngai) oil refinery plant projectcapacity of 6.5 million tons / year).

According to PPCthe contractor is to accelerate the leveling Bai Goc port (phase 1to continue to deploy ground leveling entire project by 2015 (phase 2). Investors also spent more than $ 150 million to deploy more important itemsTo build Vung Ro oil refinery plantPhu Yen Province relocation and resettlement of 280 households and hundreds of cases affected.

 thong 4

Mr. Kirill KorolevCEO of Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd,co.

At the ceremony, representatives of the investorsMr. Kirill KorolevCEO of Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd thanked the Government of Vietnamthe Party, government at all levels and local people helpeddirection and facilitate companies in the length of the project. When operational, Petrochemical refinery plant will revitalize the provincethere is a positive impact to the economic development and social improvement of the people's lives"We will strictly enforce all provisions of the law of Vietnam and local governmentsnot for building bad influence in the region," Mr. Kirill Korolev said.


Phu Yen and Seafood Festival 2014

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From March 28 to April 2, 2014, the 3rd Vietnam Seafood Festival will officially take place in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province. The festival aims to honor potentiality of seafood sector and look for investments into Vietnam seafood sector as well as the central southern coastal region including Phu Yen.

The Festival this year will hold 12 large-scale events in economics, investment, trade cooperation, seafood and tourism promotion.

Exhibition with over 400 booths to show fishery development and other industries in the central southern coastal region and a conference "Trade promotion to develop sustainable seafood" are also held in the Festival.


Vietnam Seafood Festival is an opportunity to promote human potentiality and tourism of the province. The success of this festival will be the basis for Phu Yen’s sustainable development in the field of fisheries sector in particular and the country’s economy.




The Ministry of Transportation: ready to replace slow contractors

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The delegation of the Ministry of Transportation led by Deputy Minister of Transportation, Mr. Nguyen Van The, have just worked with Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee and representatives of contractors on the clearance schedule for the projects of Upgrading and expanding the National Highway No. 1 in the segment across Phu Yen province and the Tunnel crossing Ca Pass.

As for the Project of Upgrading, expanding the National Highway No.1 across Phu Yen province, the total length of the road is 88.24km, the total area of​​land to be recovered is 195.45 hectares, affecting 4,947 households, including 1,011 cases to resettle in a centralized zone. So far, 50.8 km (by length) has been handed over to investors, reaching a ratio of about 58%; the compensation for the affected-800 households has been approved.

For the project of Tunnel crossing Ca Pass, Dong Hoa district has basically completed the clearance and handed over to the contractors such main items as public service routes, material landfill, main road serving the project ... It is expected that the clearance work will be completed in April.

At the meeting, PPC Vice Standing Chairman, Mr. Le Van Truc required the localities to quickly overcome difficulties, implement procedures to soon hand over to the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring social security issues for the affected households. The local authorities have to immediately report on difficulties in the clearance work so that the province can immediately solve problems, not to further delay. 

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Nguyen Van The required Phu Yen province to continue efforts to implement the clearance compensation work, so as to hand over the premises to the contractors for the projects of upgrading, expanding National Highway 1 and Tunnel crossing Ca Pass within the limited time in April this year. In the part of the contractors, the construction needs to be immediately implemented with the cleared ground. The Ministry of Transportation is considering to replace some contractors lacking competence, transfer the work of the slowly-constructing contractors to other units.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper


Constructing the route connecting Highway 1 with Hoa Hiep Industrial Zone: Implementing Package No. 2

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Partnership of Construction Investment JSC 72 and 507 Building construction one-memberCo.launched the 2ndpackage of the route connecting highway 1 with Hoa Hiep Industrial Zone (Phase 1), the Managing Board of Phu Yen economic zone is investor.

The route is 940m long; of which Bau Beo has 45m length, 42m width, the road is 895m long, 32m wide, including 5m separators, 2 lanes with 10.5 m on each side, 2 sidewalk with 3m each side. It is expected that the work will be completed in June 2015 with the value of nearly 61.2 billion dongs.

Previously, the Managing Board of Phu Yen economic zone deploying package 1, built over 1km of starting section that is adjacent to Highway 1 at quarter 1, Hoa Vinh townlet (Dong Hoa). Construction of Project “connecting Highway 1 to Hoa Hiep Industrial zone (later to be a segment of Highway 29 across the province) has the length of 4.5 km with thetotal investment of over 375 billion dongs.


Source: Phu Yen Newspape


The Central Coastal Region: Trade promotion for sustainable aqua-culture development

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The Organizing committee of Vietnam-Phu Yen Seafood Festival 2014 recently held a scientific seminar on "Trade promotion for Sustainable aqua-culture development in the Central Coastal Regioon"

At the seminar, delegates raised a number of existing problems in the development of fishery sector in the Central Coastal Region, such as: spontaneous fishing vehicles, the rate of small-capacity vessels, near-shore exploitation, the high percentage in using obsolete equipment, technology; fisheries logistics with incommensurate development; the poor-quality and limited amount of ship building and repairing facilities; the backwards equipment for fishing-ground; the limitations in preliminary processing, product storage after exploitation; chemical is still used in preserving, so products’ quality and value have been reduced; the lack of material providing for processing facilities; the situation of competing for purchase and sales still occur frequently, some enterprises producedperfunctorilyand losses; trade Promotion of fisheries sector has not been commensurate with the increasing requirements in trade competition and international integration, human resources operating in fisheries sector are still at low level, largely untrained ..


Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Dao Tan Loc addressing


Concluding the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh, Head of Central Committee for internal administration cum Head of Regulating Board in Central Coastal region stressed that: fisheries sector has positively contributed to economic-social development; settling jobs for fishermen in Central Coastal region. After the seminar, the Regulating Board in Central Coastal region would synthesize opinions and suggestions of delegates, professionals, enterprises presented at the conference to submit to competent authorities for considering and promulgating policies for the sake of sustainable fishery development. Through Vietnamese commercial counselors from abroad, to establish and provide adequate information systems as well as exporting aquaculture products from the Central Coastal region. Researching to establish trade Promotion Fund for commercial fisheries on the basis of appropriate funds to serve commercial promotion of provinces and cities in the region, the contribution of seafood processing and exporting enterprises; simultaneously researching and implementing the construction of the regional aquatic center ...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Billionaire Rockefeller Group invested US. $ 2.5 billion in Vung Ro Bay

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On January 14, in Hong Kong , The Vung Ro Petroleum Co. Ltd. ( Vung Ro Petroleum ) and Rose Rock Group, a group specializing in investment management and real estate developer founded by members of billionaire Rockefeller family, has signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of Tourist complex and Resort at Vung Ro Bay ( Phu Yen province) .
With a total investment of US. $ 2.5 billion, the Project on Vung Ro Bay Complex Resort will be developed including 3 main areas, The Marina, The Villages and Bai Mon. Three areas will be connected by the 2.5 km walking trail called The Green Thread.
The Marina is the gateway of Vung Ro Bay area and is considered the leading destinations with marina of 350 parking spaces, coastal hotels and shopping malls, bars and restaurants along the coast.
The Village Park located at the center will provide the majority of apartments for rent. Besides, a shopping street, 650 meters long, will be put into operation to serve the needs of guests.
Mon beach area with fine white sand beach will be a sea relaxation resort combined with various types of abundant water sports and many luxury hotels stretching 400 meters along the beach.
According to the design, the project of Vung Ro Bay complex Resort will focus on the elements of sustainable development as well as on creating a prosperous environment for education, health, lifestyle and culture. At the nose bay area, it will build the hotels with total of 760 rooms, 4,300 apartments, 100 luxury town houses, shopping stores and a marina with 350 parking spaces.
The total commercial area is of ​​approximately 200,000 m2, including space for schools, health care facilities, retail centers and entertainment areas. Vung Ro Bay project has won the international award - a silver medal MIPIM 2013 (at International Real Estate Expo 2013).
Mr. Kirill Korolev, CEO of Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd. said that the cooperation with Rose Rock Group Corporation, a big capacity and trusted partner will help the project to be deployed more quickly and successfully. "We have plan taking advantage of the natural beauty available in Vung Ro to create a dynamic community and bring local and foreign tourists in reaching a world-class destination," confirmed Mr. Kirill Korolev.
Mr. Collin Eckles, Executive Director of Rose Rock Group, said that the cooperation with Vung Ro Petroleum will develop Vung Ro Bay project to turn this place into an outstanding destination, the most popular area by visitors and of residents who prefer life style of Asia - Pacific. "With a global network, we will bring to resort a unique and rich area to create tremendous value, and add value to Vietnam's tourism industry," said Mr. Collin Eckles.
Mr. Kirill Korolev more sharing, Vietnam is fast becoming and attractive destination for investment, residence and travel." We found that Vietnam is a country with a lot of dynamic investment opportunities and diversified economy with high growth rates in the world. With the solid foundation element and ideal population structure, Vietnam will become an attractive destination for investors", said  Mr. Kirill Korolev.
Reportedly, Vung Ro petroleum Co., Ltd. will invest about US. $ 4 billion in project on construction of petrochemical complex and sea port in Phu Yen province. The project has a capacity of 8 million tons / year, producing all kinds of petroleum products. The project is located in Hoa Tam Industrial Zone, South of Phu Yen economic zone .
Source: Investment Review online

The great success of Vietnam-Phu Yen seafood festival 2014

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In the evening of April 2nd, the closing ceremony of Vietnam-Phu Yen festival 2014 was organized, after one week of 18 consecutive events on large scope.

Addressing to conclude the festival, PPC Vice Chairman cum head of the organizing board of the Festival, Mr. Tran Quang Nhat let known: after 8 months of preparation and the organization of Vietnam-Phu Yen seafood festival 2014 with 18 events on large scope occurring in 7 consecutive days (from March 27th to April 2nd) in Tuy Hoa city and some other coastal localities in the province, the event was successfully concluded. Each program was attentively prepared in contents, scripts, forms of organization, as well as participants. Lots of activities received the enthusiastic support from the peoples, representatives, enterprises and tourists…It can be asserted that the Festival met the set targets. This is definitely the opportunity for exchanging, learning each other’s experiences in exploiting, preserving, processing oceanic tuna products among fishermen, enterprises purchasing and processing aqua-products, linking investors, honoring the coastal cultural values. Phu Yen has also got chances to introduce the special features of the coastal locality, advertising and promoting tourism, particularly Phu Yen oceanic tuna.

On this occasion, Phu Yen PPC and the Ministry of agriculture and rural development awarded merit certificates to 70 collectives, individuals for their excellent achievements in successfully organizing the Festival.


Provincial leaders presenting flowers and merit certificates to the collectives and individuals for excellent achievements in serving Vietnam-Phu Yen seafood festival 2014


Minh Quân



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