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The Central Coastal Region: Trade promotion for sustainable aqua-culture development

The Organizing committee of Vietnam-Phu Yen Seafood Festival 2014 recently held a scientific seminar on "Trade promotion for Sustainable aqua-culture development in the Central Coastal Regioon"

At the seminar, delegates raised a number of existing problems in the development of fishery sector in the Central Coastal Region, such as: spontaneous fishing vehicles, the rate of small-capacity vessels, near-shore exploitation, the high percentage in using obsolete equipment, technology; fisheries logistics with incommensurate development; the poor-quality and limited amount of ship building and repairing facilities; the backwards equipment for fishing-ground; the limitations in preliminary processing, product storage after exploitation; chemical is still used in preserving, so products’ quality and value have been reduced; the lack of material providing for processing facilities; the situation of competing for purchase and sales still occur frequently, some enterprises producedperfunctorilyand losses; trade Promotion of fisheries sector has not been commensurate with the increasing requirements in trade competition and international integration, human resources operating in fisheries sector are still at low level, largely untrained ..


Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Dao Tan Loc addressing


Concluding the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh, Head of Central Committee for internal administration cum Head of Regulating Board in Central Coastal region stressed that: fisheries sector has positively contributed to economic-social development; settling jobs for fishermen in Central Coastal region. After the seminar, the Regulating Board in Central Coastal region would synthesize opinions and suggestions of delegates, professionals, enterprises presented at the conference to submit to competent authorities for considering and promulgating policies for the sake of sustainable fishery development. Through Vietnamese commercial counselors from abroad, to establish and provide adequate information systems as well as exporting aquaculture products from the Central Coastal region. Researching to establish trade Promotion Fund for commercial fisheries on the basis of appropriate funds to serve commercial promotion of provinces and cities in the region, the contribution of seafood processing and exporting enterprises; simultaneously researching and implementing the construction of the regional aquatic center ...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper


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