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The Ministry of Transportation: ready to replace slow contractors


The delegation of the Ministry of Transportation led by Deputy Minister of Transportation, Mr. Nguyen Van The, have just worked with Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee and representatives of contractors on the clearance schedule for the projects of Upgrading and expanding the National Highway No. 1 in the segment across Phu Yen province and the Tunnel crossing Ca Pass.

As for the Project of Upgrading, expanding the National Highway No.1 across Phu Yen province, the total length of the road is 88.24km, the total area of​​land to be recovered is 195.45 hectares, affecting 4,947 households, including 1,011 cases to resettle in a centralized zone. So far, 50.8 km (by length) has been handed over to investors, reaching a ratio of about 58%; the compensation for the affected-800 households has been approved.

For the project of Tunnel crossing Ca Pass, Dong Hoa district has basically completed the clearance and handed over to the contractors such main items as public service routes, material landfill, main road serving the project ... It is expected that the clearance work will be completed in April.

At the meeting, PPC Vice Standing Chairman, Mr. Le Van Truc required the localities to quickly overcome difficulties, implement procedures to soon hand over to the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring social security issues for the affected households. The local authorities have to immediately report on difficulties in the clearance work so that the province can immediately solve problems, not to further delay. 

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Nguyen Van The required Phu Yen province to continue efforts to implement the clearance compensation work, so as to hand over the premises to the contractors for the projects of upgrading, expanding National Highway 1 and Tunnel crossing Ca Pass within the limited time in April this year. In the part of the contractors, the construction needs to be immediately implemented with the cleared ground. The Ministry of Transportation is considering to replace some contractors lacking competence, transfer the work of the slowly-constructing contractors to other units.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper



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