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Exploitation of mineral resources - transparency and efficiency

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This issue was discussed at the online seminar held by the Government Portal on Nov. 3, in order to give people an overview of the current state as well as policy and solutions of Vietnam mining industry today.

Answering about planning work of minerals including exploring, exploitation and use in a manner of " 3 in 1 " is very risky; actually, the work of mineral planning is weak, Mr. Nguyen manh Quan, Director of Department of Heavy Industry - Ministry of Industry and Trade said: Most of the mineral planning including central and local have not ensured the long-term orientation. The addition of the master plan should also check regularly to learn from experience, to ensure compliance with regulations on supplement and adjustment of master plan as defined in Article 14 of the Law on Minerals. In fact, the basic investigation is still a weak stage because the state budget meets only 40 %, so it has not confirmed the specific reserves of each type of mineral, being only indicative of the forecast. Not to mention the overlapped planning, making the management of mining and mineral exploiting and processing has encountered many difficulties.

In order to overcome one of the " holes " in mining operations, it is the State only collects tax of businesses based on the exploited output reported by businesses, the Director Nguyen Manh Quan said that the calculation of resources tax should be moved from exploited output to the approved mineral reserves, depending on the type of mineral. Tax exemption for the increasing reserves exploitation depends on the circumstances, for businesses to enhance the taking all and save the minerals, as well as to avoid tax losses.

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