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Russian tourists : Solution for large market


Phu Yen tourism industry identifies Russia tourists is a strategy market of tourists; Their needs and tastes are relatively easy, suitable with infrastructure condition and existing tourism products. However, to turn this market into the main source of tourism, the tourist sector and businesses have many works to do.


In general comment of domestic and foreign tourists and including those who do tourism service when coming to Phu Yen that it is beautiful, a wild and pure beauty of the sea, islands and the deep culture. But from such potential and resource it needs to invest in both ability and mental power and a process to change them into tourism products. Phu Yen Tourism is a lack of specific products, including specific products to serve the needs and to attract Russian tourists. 

Russian Journalist and Vietnam Researcher Daria Mishukova commented: "You own the tourist resource which is very rich and unique. For exploiting, and developing tourism, you need to have deep investment, creating specialized tourism products, and should not invest spreadingly ". 

Russian tourists are quite easy, their stay is long ( 10 to 15 days ). They feel satified if the destination meets the following requirements: sea swiming, seafood eating, shopping and entertainment. On this account, till now Phu Yen only meets the two requirements: sea swiming and seafood eating. 

One of the solutions Phu Yen tourism industry is deploying that it has associated with other provinces and businesses to create unique tourism products to meet the Russian customer demand. Since early this year, the provincial leaders, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Tourism Association of Phu Yen had 2 times working with Khanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Khanh Hoa Tourism Association and Anh Duong Travel Services Co., Ltd. discussing solutions of association and tourism products development. 

Mr. Pham Van Bay, deputy director of Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said presently, the number of Russian tourists coming to Nha Trang city through Pegas Touristik international travel agent and An Duong Company is very large, So these units want to expand more sites in provinces in the central coastal region to receive the Russian visitors. Recently, Anh Duong Company has surveyed , and brought tour of Russian tourists to Phu Yen, coming and returning in the day. In a recent meeting, two sides agreed to add more content with aim of bringing more Russian tourists to Phu Yen and stay longer. To promote this issue , the Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports assigns Center for Culture - Tourism Promotion in collaboration with businesses to wellcome the Russia tourists and arrange the tour and service for them in 2 nights 3 days . 

According to Mr, Ngo Bach Viet, Head of Representative Office of Anh Duong Company, Phu Yen has beautiful beaches and the prices are fairly soft, suitable with the object of Russian tourists staying for many days.

Along with the collaboration, Phu Yen tourism also has to verify the suitable investment for works of promotion for the Russian market. In addition to the traditional promotion measures, it should take advantage of the internet, and promoting in websites in Russian... The team of guides, instructors, tour mamagement speaking russian is necessary to ensure efficient transactions. Mr. Pham Van Bay, deputy director of Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the Department is proposing to the PPC to have policy of supporting 50 % tuition for students learning tourism Russian from the fund fro tourism personnel training. If the PPC approves, we will implement it immediately from the end of this year to the fisrt quarter of  2014.


Source: PYO


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