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- There are 05 province-level hospitals, 01 speciality center with 975 patient beds.
- There are 09 district-level hospitals, 07 general consulting rooms ( for group) with 690 beds.
- There are 112 town-level and commune-level health care stations.
- Total number of doctors: 446 (5.1 doctor/10,000 residents).
- A number of doctors from higher-level hospitals are periodically coming to lower-level hospitals for assistance. A project is being finalized under which the Phu Yen Medical High School will be upgraded to become the Phu Yen Medical College
There are 02 universities ( Construction University of the Central Region and Phu Yen University), 01 Bank Academy ( Phu Yen sub-Academy ), 02 Vocational Colleges( Tuy Hoa Industrial College and Phu Yen Vocational College) and 15 vocational establishments . The annual number of graduates from universities and college is 1,650, from vocational colleges is 1,700 and the number of skillful workers is 9,000, which can satisfy the workforce demand for production in the province.
Banking and financial system:
Up to now, Phu Yen province has most of branches of banks, financial and credit institutions with all types: Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank), East Asia Bank (Dong A Bank), Vietnam joint stock commercial bank for industry and trade (Vietinbank), branches of Vietcombank, Sacombank, the Bank for Investment & Development of Vietnam (BIDV, Phu Yen branch) , Kien Long Bank, Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), Maritime Bank.
Power supply:
Power is  supplies from the National Grid through the line of  500 KW, 200 KW and 110 KV, sufficient for production and daily consumption. The province has some  hydropower plants such as  Song Hinh (Hinh River) Power Plant with capacity of 72 MW, Song Ba Ha (Ba Ha River) Power Plant with capacity of 220 MW...
Water supply:
 Currently, Phu Yen Water Plant witha capacity of41,500m3/day & night, which is planned to be  raised capacity to 150,000 m3 / day & night in addition to abundant surface water volume will sufficiently supply to production and daily consumption. 


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